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Christmas Knits Leaflet, from Issue 60.

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Excuse me, but in the Sylvia mitts pattern, when you get to the thumb, it says Rows 37 - 44, then for the finger part, after you re-attach the yarn, it says Row 38. I don't think you can have two lots of Rows 38 - 44 in the same pattern.


I have figured it out, but I think it might confuse a beginner, and the description does say "easy mitts on two needles".


Am I being dense, or is that a printing error?

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Hi there


The pattern is correct.


Under the Thumb header you work Row 37, which takes you up to the end of the thumb, you then turn and work the 14 sts of Row 38 then turn again. The next instructions cover the thumb.


Once the thumb is complete you then rejoin the yarn to the hand on the other side of the thumb and k15. This completes Row 37 of the hand and picks up where you left off. Logically, the next row is therefore Row 38 of the hand.

You then continue to work the rest of the hand as instructed.


We do not think this is confusing for beginners and actually thought that keeping the row numbers consecutive was the clearest way of writing it.

So far we have had no queries regarding this pattern, but we will keep an eye on it.


Best wishes



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