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Little Donkey

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Gorgeous donkey as that is done now what about a camel that bought the wise kings along.


Have the got the milk bottle tops suzie for the insides I look forward to seeing your nativity set.


I'm cutting out discs of plastic. My goats milk comes in cartons and we don't get through enough cows milk to collect the bottle tops lol. Mary's body almost done already :cheese: thanks again for the booklet!


I've been so inspired by Annie!


Stakreem ...no no NO camel...I cant take any more :lol: Su2ie really really looking forward to your crochet nativity x

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Ooooooh can we take a vote on a camel?


All those in favour of Annie making a camel say aye! :lol:


And hopefully I will be making my nativity as quickly as possible. I will concentrate on Mary, Joseph and Jesus first so at least I have them if I get waylaid by other projects :cheese:

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