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Painted hard shell gourds and cypress knees

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The first and third pictures are cypress knees, the others are gourds I import both cypress knees and gourds from america.and process taking the insides out and painting and cutting the tops inside and out of the gourd the cypress knees are natural and I paint on what I see in the bumps. The lady of the lake had a natural crown on the top so I painted the rest in and cut a draw at the bottom.


Hope you like them I have wooden puzzles and bandsaw boxes to show you tomorrow.

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Thanks all, your comments are much appreciated. The gourd spoon was my intepretation of a welsh love spoon I tried carving one but not good at carving. I have a small hand held palm scroll saw Electric that I can use to make that trellis work look. thn I painted the humming ird and used a glass bead for the eye.

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