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Let’s Knit - Hat Challenge (Closing date 13/12/2012)

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Oooooo more pretty entries on here xxx


Well I have finally got around to finishing my hat....just in the nick of time!!! I have been so busy making Christmas cards and presents I had left myself out :lol:


I only learnt to crochet this year and am yet to learn to knit so I am so chuffed that crochet makes are accepted as well :-) I decided to make myself a Cat hat because we are Cat mad...well we love them. Our little girl is black with yellow eyes so I though I would make it look like her......Although she has got a black nose and I had to give my hat a pink one to make it show up lol xxx I added a couple of extra rows onto the bottom so it came down my forehead further and made the earflaps longer as I always have to cover my head this time of year because of my bad head and neuriagia........So now I can cover it with something fun :cheese:


As you can see there are several pics because I was trying to be like a Cat in them and wearing it made me go all childish....or should that be Catish while Hubbie was taking the pics.....I honestly don't have lips as plump as they look in one of the I was trying to purr.......Hubbie had to have a try on in the last pic and have a go at being silly hehehe


Good luck everybody and thanks for the fun challenge ;-)







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Hahahaha you can comment on my lovely boss eyed Hubbie I don't mind .....Thanks MT xxx


Love your bear hat and your Daughter is very pretty :-) That is the only type of animal that should ever hang like a trophy on the wall...one with pom poms and that didn't harm anything :lol:

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