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Bathroom Tuesday

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Just a quick one as hubby just rang to say our new bathroom suite is about to be delivered within the hour. So excited its like christmas day, no more 30 year old brown bathroom suite after next week. I had nothing planned for today thinking i would have to sit in and wait for the delivery most of the day, just some hw and entertaining Abi.


Right better get dressed, see you later ladies

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Morning Ladies


Its grotty here i Notts with thick fog forecast, I'm going to pop out in a bit for some reading matter. I get through loads of books with not sleeping very well and was up and about at 4am this morning. Apart from the I'm having a knitty day, I have cast on for another dog coat for my friends yorkshire terrier, it seems since I made one for the tiny dog of a neighbour everyone wants one for their pooch. I also have an order for a baby set in a small size for another neighbours grandchild who they know will be born at about 4lb.

Tonight I am going with the girls and their hubbies for dinner which make a nice change, both the girls(girls they are 28 and 31) have their birthdays in October and it is tradition to go out in between the two.


Dana have a nice day whatever you decide to do. How nice to have a new bathroom, I don't have a bath but a walk-in shower which could really do with replacing at some time as it has been in since I had my first stroke about sixteen years ago.


Have a good day one and all.

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Morning All.


It's a misty morning here today.


Dana - Have a lovely day. Great news about your bathroom too. :-)


Suzy - Sounds like you'll be busy with your doggy coats and baby set. :-)

Have a lovely meal tonight with your girls...and their hubbies.


I'm working in the charity shop this morning. Then popping round to see my mum

this afternoon for lunch and a natter. :lol:


Hopefully I'll get some knitty time a bit later this afternoon.


Have a lovely day everyone.


Take care.

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Morning all :)


It's very grey and dreary here today... Anyhow DF is off in Germany and not sure what time he will be home so not sure if I will be able to go to knitty club tonight. Finished the tail last night so I will have to get Ellie to model it once she's home from school. Once Alex is in bed I guess I should do some more HW and definitely de-creasing. MIL arrives on Friday for a week but isn't staying with us. There's a place in town she calls her home from home she will be staying at. Yesterday I went to look at her room as she's being put in a different one and she wanted to make sure it wasn't on the front of the hotel so she would be away from traffic.


Dana you watch, brown bathrooms will be back in once you have your new one :lol:

Suzy there will be some very well dressed dogs around your part! :cheese:

Tracey sounds like a busy day for you - hope the charity shop have plenty of teabags! :-)


Right better see to little miss as she's bored of the game she was playing.

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Morning all. Very foggy here this morning, can't even see across the river.


Sounds like everyone is full of busy. I need to pop to shops later this morning then after a bit HW I think it will be knitty time.


My kettle is at the ready and I have plenty tea bags ;-P


Hope you all have a good day.


Take care

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Morning all..


Foggy here too.

I think I might have the sickness bug from the kids - not feeling too hot.. Although I have managed a wash and cleaned the downstairs loo!!


Dana it's lovely when you get a new bathroom.. All sparkly....


Everyone sounds very busy I hope you enjoy your days



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