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Wednesday already?

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HI ladies. It's been chucking it down from about 9 o clock until 12 ish but the sun is out now. Ended up taking DIL to work as DS was drenched (he cycles from work about 5 1/2 miles (about 9 kilometres I think. )


My sister came too and we ended going shopping.


Back home now so just going to have a cuppa and some tiger bread.


Anyone heard from Michelle (Princessdiva)

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hello everyone.. Sorry I've been absent for a while..


Sounds like it was a day for HW - I need to do some - but I have a poorly boy who just wanted cuddles and love so who was I to refuse!


Mia is doing well at school and enjoying it.. I'm even learning the phonetic alphabet!!!


Working on a some socks and a skinny scarf... Although school have asked for contributions to the Christmas shoe box appeal including hats, scarves gloves etc so might use up some stash doing that.. Doesn't matter what size either.


Suzy I love a good clear out.. I'm ruthless... My husband is the hoarder but as long as his mess is contained tidily (or in a cupboard out of my sight I don't mind!)



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Wednesday is my busy day at the moment we go to llantwit and do two toddler groups seperated by lunch, im shattered Abi is still full of energy. It has been sunny and warm enough today but as soon as we got in it started tipping down with added hail stones to make things interesting. Tonight is my quiet time, as soon as madam is in bed i will be running a lovely hot bath and relaxing with my knitting afterwards with curry takeaway for tea i am too tired to cook. I did a lovely relaxation course this morning while Abi was in toddlers felt so chilled out afterwards i really didnt want to move.


Su2ie hubby is the same he hates it when i tidy his stuff but i still do it, cant stand mess.

Suzy wow sounds like our attic, hubby needs to clear it out dread to think what we have stored away up there.

Tracey hope you got some knitty time this morning

Goose ooohhh tiger bread. Can you tell i am starving lol

Michelle both me and hubby are ruthless but he still has a lot of stuff i will be getting rid of soon! Hope little man feels better soon.


Off to do the toothbrush wrestle with madam

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Hello. Sounds like everyone's had a busy day.


Only manage about 20 minutes of knitting this morning...

so it's needles out for me in a minute. :lol:


Dana - Hope the toothbrush wrestle didn't last too long.


Michelle - Have a good evening. Hope Mati's feeling better.


Su2ie - Hope you managed some hooky time today. Enjoy your camera too. :lol:


Goose - Have a lovely evening...with some knitty time I hope. :-)

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