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Murky Monday

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Morning everyone :)


Very murky here this morning although it was bright first thing. Alex is a little better today although her eyes are still a bit swollen. She was less than impressed when I tried to dab her eyes with a cool teabag!


Anyhow she's having a nap now so I'm just sitting down with a coffee and I'm going to look at a few of the Website tutorials as I feel like I'm stabbing in the dark with so many aspects of it!


Have a good day everyone :cheese:

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Cloudy and cold here today. Im just having a cuppa and sewing on some buttons while Abi plays quietly, I made a baby jacket for my cousin she was due last wednesday so need to get the button on so we can take the gifts over. I need to sit down later and work out what i have left to make for people for christmas, the morning sickness in August and September has really delayed things a bit, hubby has now asked me if i can knit him a jumper for christmas i am almost done with the back of a cardigan for my mil and he thinks it has gone fast so a mans jumper by christmas shouldnt be a problem. Men just dont get it.


Su2ie Hope Alex's eyes are better soon.

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Morning ladies. I'm feeling better today - headache and aches all gone just a bit sniffly now.


Su2ie I prefer cucumber. I would worry in case the tea bags stain :lol:


Off to shops then back to a big pile of de-creasing.


Enjoy your day and catch you later.


Take care

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Afternoon Folks.


Have been to visit my Darling Daughter and Granddaughter this morning. :-)

Am now getting into knitty mode...seem to have tons to knit. :lol:


So it's tv on...kettle on....and needles out... :lol: :lol:


Hope everyone's having a good day. Am glad to hear that Alex and Goose are feeling lots

better today. :-)


Take care.

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hi everyone - long time no see from me.

I'm feeling chilly, my little fella has a sniffly cold but seems ok in himself.


haven't done any knitting for what seems months! over the weekend I finally casted on :-) I'm making 'Bertie Bassett'.

For some reason I had trouble with m1. after 5 attempts it has so far gone ok.


Well alot has been going on here recently & still alot going on, little fella is waiting for an appointment for an assessment for autism :-(

also waiting for education to get in touch as its a strong possibility of him needing a statement of special educational needs.


Also waiting for the letter to arrive from education for applying for a prmary school place for next sept.


My eldest started secondary school beginning of Sept. pleased to say he has settled in very well & is doing well with his work, in fact need to keep an eye on the time as will need to collect him shortly.


anyway enough of my ramblings.


happy knitting everyone, hopefully will have more time to check in more regularly :-)



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Afternoon one and all,

I'm all done and dusted with physio as long as I do my exercises daily, they will review my case in three months time. My lovely rhumatologist rang the eye clinic as she thought it would be stupid to make me hang around till this afternoon and they fitted me in with just a half hour wait.


Goose you do not put the tea bag on the eye, you bathe it with the tea. This has been a remedy for years, apparently it is antibacterial. I used to get a lot of eye infections when I was little and my mum always use this remedy. One person did ask me once if you added milk to it. You can also use herbal tea I have some manuka tea from the bush that the bees take nectar from. It is grown in Cornwall and is a lovely soothing tea which tastes a bit like green tea.


Dana you want to give your hubby a pair of needles and teach him to knit then he can do his own jumper. More men are knitting, my grandpa could knit but it looked like rabbit wool when he had done his hands were so rough.


Suzie your poor little one, it is always distressing to see babies and toddlers in pain and sore.


I'm going to get a cuppa and get some knitting done if I don't doze off to sleep (I'm good at doing that)

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