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Sunny Saturday

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Evening. :) Had a hard few days being too tired to do anything, but feeling a bit perkier this evening so thought I'd pop on here. :) Hope everyone's having a good weekend so far. I totally overdid it this morning - cleaned kitchen, 40-min walk, 3 loads of washing - what was I thinking?! :roll: Got my angora beanie finished late this afternoon too so definitely been a productive day. Think I'd better lock myself in my craft room tomorrow so I don't overdo it again. Night all. :)

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Evening ladies.


Michelle are the socks for you or a Christmas present for someone?


Suzy things may take longer but at least you are still able to do them. You just take your time girl :)


Dana how lovely a shawl swap can't wait to see a pic.


Su2ie my challenge piece is going slow I seem to have so much to do there's not a lot of time left for crafting :down:


K&F love the beanie. Take it easy tomorrow.


Just watching X Factor. I feel sorry for Melanie's son who's hair makes him look more like a girl. :ahhh:


Catch you later.

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