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CLOSED -Stamping Challenge deadline 31ST OCTOBER 3 PM

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right- told you I wasn't confident about colouring in.

So I spotted a workshop at Damselfly (where I did my Deco Patching)

and went for it!


This is a technique called SOOTING.

Which is the product of fire ...which makes steam...?


You cover shiny card with sponge and dyepad,

then cover it with soot by holding and moving it

over a candle flame.


Then you stamp with the stamp which

removes the soot where it touches -

and gives you a negative!


Then you seal it with hairspray, cut to size and mount


WOW! I am SO pleased with it!


Hope you like it!

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Well, you've come up with a technique I've never come across before. Terrific. It sort of looks vintage to me (other than the pink!). Thanks for entering. Now you've gone and done it though, as I want to try that. But I have no idea where to get soot from....

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