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Finally Friday

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Michelle scary thing is he talks to me so much about code I'm starting to understand what he's saying :gulp: wouldn't be so bad if he didn't keep referring to my crochet as knitting :roll: even worse he asked me to stop doing crochet last night while he explained to me something about dynamic links :wow: Hope Maty isn't too grumpy for you!


Tracey hope you had fun in the garden with your scarf :)

Goose hope you're having a relaxing day.

K&F my sentiments exactly - thank crunchie it's Friday!


Sadly I've had to rip back some of the hat as I realised I'd made a mistake a few inches back so I'm a bit behind on it now. Alex slept all morning which was nice but now Ellie is back from school Ellie is being a complete 'mare plus she keeps picking Alex up and Alex is getting very annoyed with her :roll:


Thanks for the good wishes for DF's website. Maybe once it's live we can actually do something interesting this weekend instead of him being stuck in his mancave - I can but hope!


Right better go as Ellie is whinging away and driving me potty!

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Its been gorgeous here today up in the early 20's. I went shopping with DH and my sister. We sat in the garden eating ham/salad wraps with a cool drink.


Managed to do a bit crochet and got the first fingerless glove finished.


Off now to make a curry for tea.


Hope you've all had a lovely day and may it continue into the evening.

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hi all, just thought id pop in and say Hi, Hope your all doing great and had a fab summer holiday. building work has now all been finished 6 weeks late but its done and hip hip horay my lift will be installed monday while im at the dreaded dentist soooooo excited i really cant wait so ill be able to get my house sorted, weve had to remove all the carpets due to damage from the building work so weve got no flooring so it feels like weve just moved in and got nothing yet, we will get there in the end im sure.


Anyway ive got visitors coming so ive got to go but take care and im sorry i keep disapearing

marie xxx

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