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Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

BONUS PATTERN Carol Bateup's knitted bauble (LGC 44)

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Another bonus pattern this issue - Carol Bateup's knitted bauble. :)


knitted bauble

Using 4mm needles and blue yarn cast on six sts

Row 1: p

Row 2: kfb in each st. 12 sts

Rows 3-4: rep Rows 1-2. 24 sts

Row 5: p

Row 6: (kfb, k1) to end. 36 sts

Row 7: p

Row 8: (kfb, k2) to end. 48 sts

Change to white yarn

Rows 9-13: starting with a p row work in st st

Note: colour in brackets foll st indicates which yarn to use

Row 14: [(k1 (red), k1 (white)] to end

Change to red yarn

Row 15: p

Row 16: rep Row 14

Change to green yarn

Rows 17-19: starting with a p row work in st st

Change to blue yarn

Row 20: (k2, k2tog) to end. 36 sts

Row 21: p

Change to white yarn

Row 22: (k1, k2tog) to end. 24 sts

Row 23: p

Change to red yarn

Row 24: (k2tog) to end. 12 sts

Row 25: p

Rows 26-27: rep Rows 24-25


to make up

Cut yarn, thread through rem sts on needle. Pull up tight, and with WS facing, sew up seam. When bottom blue section is reached, turn RS out. Using 5mm hook and red yarn make 30ch, fasten off. Sew into place. Stuff firmly. Sew up rem part of seam

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