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Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

BONUS PATTERN Susie Johns' Christmas Tree (LGC 44)

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Here's the pattern for Susie Johns' Christmas tree, which forms the final part of her festive mascots project. Enjoy! :)


christmas tree

Make two

Using 4mm needles and green yarn cast on 15 sts

Row 1: k1 tbl to end

Row 2: p

Row 3: sl 1, k1, psso, k to last three sts, k2tog, k1. 13 sts

Rows 4-6: starting with a p row work in st st

Rows 7-22: rep Rows 3-6 four times. Five sts

Row 23: k1, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k1. Three sts

Row 24: p

Row 25: sl 1, k2tog, psso

Fasten off, leaving a tail of yarn



Make two

Using 4mm needles and red yarn cast on four sts

Rows 1-2: starting with a k row work in st st

Row 2: p

Row 3: k1, (kfb) twice, k1. Six sts

Rows 4-6: starting with a p row work in st st

Cast off kwise



Using 4mm needles and yellow yarn cast on 12 sts

Cut yarn, thread tail onto tapestry needle and run through each st on needle, then slip sts off needle and pull up tail of yarn to gather sts into a circle


to make up

Stitch two Tree pieces tog, leaving bottom edges open. Place a little stuffing inside and stitch opening closed. Stitch two Base pieces tog and attach to bottom edge of tree. Thread tapestry needle with two strands of silver tinsel yarn and fasten ends securely to top of tree, then pick up a st on one of sloping sides of tree so that silver tinsel yarn lies in a diagonal line; pick up another st a little way down on opposite side. Rep, laying diagonal lines of silver tinsel yarn on front and back of tree, then thread needle with a single strand of red yarn and embroider French knots on both sides of tree to represent baubles. Stitch Star to top of tree

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