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LGC 43 Floral Haze granny square errors

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Found some errors for this granny square


RND 1 3ch (counts as 1 tr) 2tr into ring ch 1 (3tr into ring ch1) 3 times join with a sl st to 3rd of 3ch



After RND 2 Fasten off white yarn, join pink yarn to any corner sp



RND 6 3ch * 1tr in each of next 2 tr of previous rnd.................................................... repeat from * 3 times

Repeat should start 1tr in each of next 3 tr then continue as in pattern

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I've tried one of these today and found my square was miles bigger than the true blue one so I've left out round 6 and done doubles for round 5 instead of trebles and its around the same size now...


edited to add - sorry my point was if they are all supposed to be for a lap blanket surely the squares should be around the same size. I found floral daze to be about 13cm x 13cm... My true blue measures 11cm x 11cm :-S

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