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What are we all knitting at the moment?

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The aran car coat has landed!!! I have just finished it-a bit longer than I had planned though. The hardest part will be actually giving it away to my colleague at work as having had a sneaky try on, I can report that it feels very warm & cosy. Still, I can now start on a cowl/scarf/wrap thing for TD for Christmas- treating her to lovely natural alpaca yarn for that.. spoilt or what?

P.S. Knit 247- how about putting some squares together to make a soft cube?

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I'm knitting a commission for a lady.


I've done the little baby Jacket not sewn on the buttons yet though. Now I'm knitting up the little trousers to go with it. She's already bought one knitted teddy bear and a crochet blanket from me.


I have 3 knitted blankets to finish off as well, the squares require crocheting together and then a boarder. I might even crochet and knitt up a few flowers to sew onto the finished blankets.


Im knitting a patchwork square blanket and then I will sew it together It is very rlaxing

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Oh wow- Annie!

I was looking at a Noah's Ark recently-

but I'm wrestling with a stole which is knitted in two types of fancy yarn,

and is deceptively simple.


So deceptive that I've aready ripped it out twice, and now I've lost stitches again!

The yarn is eyelash on size12 needles and I can'r for the life of me

make out where I've made the mistake.



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Think I will join you in the nativity once I have finished my easter bunnies. Have just completed Alan Dart's Hot cross bunny. He will be in a raffle in work for our local baby hospice but I think he needs a companion with chocolate eggs as well.


If I start early enough I should get one completed. Have just been told the cartilage in my knee has gone so I may be hospitalised again this year. Something like that should keep me occupied.

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