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What are we all knitting at the moment?

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Back to the nativity after my two baby shawls.  I'm just doing a tiny bit each evening as I've loads of time.  Finding it really enjoyable to do it this way.  Joseph is nearing completion ;)

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I've just finished a very ambitious project for my final major project at uni... A knitted and crocheted carousel, with horses :Dpost-453822-0-13576000-1372272494_thumb.jpg

It's on exhibition at uni til tomorrow then i get to bring it back home :D

very proud of this, it has taken 5 months to complete, each horse is a cabled body, with crochet chains for legs, reins, manes and tails. The scalloped edging on the top is my experimentation with feather and fan stitch, replaced the purl row with a garter so it would look reversible :)

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