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Too good to last

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Morning ladies.


Our lovely weather was too good to last as its raining and plenty heavy showers due this afternoon. I started crocheted ted out of LGC last night and it looks very colourful in the daylight.


Bit shopping to do but that's about it. I'll be hooked to the tv for the Olympics.


Have a great day whatever you have planned. Take care

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I am in bed poorly, Abi was not well over the weekend and i seem to have caught. My mum has come up to look after the Abi monster today so i can rest in bed with my knitting and the olympics not that i have the energy to knit.


I am knitting helen from a few months back, the super chunky throw it knits up quickly.


It is cold and wet here as well today. hope you dont get wet doing the shopping goose

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afternoon ladie's Just popping in to say hi as ive got so much to do, Im making jade a long cardigan ive finished the back panel and nearly finished the oeft side panel then needs blocking, Ive also got a few baby hats to make for a customer of my MIL's shop as they cant crochet. Im also making James a football blanket/sleeping bag and myself a Lucy bag to get rid of all the Art of knitting/Art of crochet yarns aswell as tryin to pack up even more things as weve got asbestos in our bedroom flooring and it all has to be removed so the builders can fit the lift which was meant to be fitted tomorrow and now its not until 13th. Weve also got the other builders back tomorrow as they moved the lounge door over and where theyve plastered the wall its all bumpy and looks awful so they need to redo it, They also managed to gloss a door and miss a whole panel {i dont know how they could miss it when its eye level to them}


So im going to be busy busy nightmare Hope you all enjoy your day


Denise enjoy the olympics hunni hope the rain stays away. xx


Dana hope you feel better soon enjoy your rest and knitting xx


chat later xx

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Hello All,


First full day of being childless and it hasnt been brilliant I must say.


Got off to a bad start when the nose bit on my glasses dropped off this morning, I can still wear them, but the little bit keeps digging into my nose and my 'spare' pair are the old prescription and give me a headache.

Then I discovered that one of the girls has nicked the wet-wipes out of my room and, In the process knocked my name badge off my dresser - suffice to say I coulddnt find it this morning, so Ive had to borrow a spare one - Hello everyone from Steph :roll:

Then I missed the bus - ARGH!!!


Arrived at work in not the best of moods I must admit, sigh


Got a compliment from a customer this afternoon tho, which helped to cheer me up. She was French and didnt understand when I asked if she'd like any stamps, so I asked her in French,lol (translation curtesy of my Swiss knitty friend). The customer was delighted and told me I had a very good accent. :lol:


Just waiting for tea to arrive, didnt feel like cooking tonight and Ive ordered enough for tomorrows tea too.


Rains finally arrived here having threatened all day.

Get well soon Dana

Hope things went OK with the builders Twinkle


See you later folks

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