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Meredith dress

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Hi all


I'm about to start knitting the above dress- i was going to opt for the age 2-3 yr pattern as Nancy is in 12-18/18-24 already at 10 months old!


however, I've been knitting a while, and 4 100g balls of King Cole yarn seems alot to me- according to the description there's 230m on each 100g ball - surely you dont need 920m of yarn for a toddlers dress?!


has anyone actually finished it? if so, how much yarn did you actually use?



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Giddyknits PM'd me and I think she's sorted now,however for anyone else who's interested,I knitted my Meredith in King Cole Bamboo DK as recommended, I did a tension square first to get it right but unravelled it afterwards,I knitted age 2-3 and used just over 2 balls - can't say how much of the 3rd ball I used but not much lol,definitely less than a quarter!


Hope this helps anyone else who was wondering :)

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