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Ow ow ow Ive just started to knit....with needles :-D

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Hehe i am so pleased, i have spent years trying to work out how on earth to knit, and just can't get my head around it, Ive tried following U-Tube videos and books, and mags but i was getting no where, but then i brought a book from my library that has step to step photos in it and clear down to earth instructions, so yesterday i had a go, ok the first few attempts went a bit wrong :lol: but after that i started to knit :cheese: this is what Ive done so far :-)


What do you think?

My needles i think are to long for me, but they are all i have here, there 6mm but 35mm long :lol: so i kept prodding my OH in the ribs last night as we watched TV on the sofa :lol:

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Well done hun!!! I taught myself earlier this year and once I got the hang of it,there was no stopping me! I'm sure you'll be the same,can't wait to see some finished projects ;-)

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