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Mistress Pimperella

I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

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Oh wow, it's lovely MP! :cheese: You're in with a great chance of winning. All your work is so neat! It must feel amazing to have successfully designed your first pattern. Now you can do loads more! :-) Good luck and let us know how you get on. Well done! :-)

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Thank you all so much. It truly has been a labour of love (and tears lol)


Now all I can do is wait. The results will be announced on the 31st of August.


1 of my cousins phoned my sister today to ask if she could 'test the water' with me over Designing and making a dress for her 30th Next year lol and my older Niece Katie is wanting some Lolita style dresses aswell. And my sister wants some Princess Dress up dresses and My Little Pony Dresses made up for Jennifer lol.

So looks like I have made a rod for my own back in doing this dress as 'ALL' my extended family now know about my dress making where as before only a 3rd did.

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