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Mistress Pimperella

I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

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Well, Summer Hols and Kids at home. I have really had my work cut out. Was only able to sew during the night, so I have been sleeping very odd hours (Nowt new for me lol) But I finally finished my Dress Factor Dress.

I have sent in half of the photos as I need to take some fresh pics in the daylight. But I went over to my sisters for a little photoshoot with my niece. We had to clip the back as it's the next size up for her so that she will get full use out of it for the whole of next summer.


This is my gorgeous Niece Jennifer in her Dress Factor Dress. The closing date is midnight on Monday and the winner will be announce on the 31st of August! I feel a bit sick to be honest as I have never done anything like this before.

It's the first time I have done French Seams. The second time I have done Pleats. And the first time I have ever designed a dress and actually made a pattern first instead of 'Draping' fabric on my dress dummies and just working it out as I go. So it was a lot of new things that I learned as I made it. I hope you like anyhoo. Just seeing how much my niece loved it ment a lot to me.



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and some photos of my seams/hems/embroidered appliquéd flowers.


Inside Seam of shoulder. The bodice is lined with the white Background fabric and the outer is the black background.



French Seams. New to me. Ain't it maddening when you sew the fabric the wrong way and have to unpick it. lol. Twice I did this. But that's what happens when you are sewing at 5am while watching Quincy! lol




and flowers! The dress has a total of 50 Embroidered and Appliquéd Flowers. This took the longest time to do. Nights and Nights of Stitching round Interfaced flowers from the fabric. Choosing which ones to do etc. Def the most tedious part.



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