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Cupcake pin cushion

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Thank you Goose. Did see these on ravelry but not overly impressed. There was a pattern on google which sounded good but no picture...which is annoying. Honestly I've got so many things in the pipeline at the mo but am going to visit my daughter down south in August so thought it might be nice to knit one for then. The 2nd one is closest to what I want as it has the 'paper' case.

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Had a look Annie and it looks OK and its in DK.


Tocreate link

1 - highlight the link address then hold down CTRL and press C

2 go to LK post reply

3 click on - a box comes up at top left. Delete anything in it then click cursor into box

4.hold down CTRL then press V in little box click on OK

5 type in box HERE or whatever word you want then click on OK again and you have a link

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