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Mistress Pimperella

Issue 36!

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Got my June Issue 36 Yesterday. Just as we were leaving to go to my sister's 19th Birthday Party. So had a quick Flick through while on the Bus. Then my mum was having a read when I got there.

Still going through but I already know my son wants a full collection of Felt Biscuits! lol (He is Biscuit mad lol).


I did take my Mandarin Dress but had just missed my sister Debra who had gone 10mins before we arrived as she wasn't feeling well. But mum is going to drop it off for her, but My mum was really impressed.

My Bette Dress was almost finished. On;y have the zip to fit in and sew up the back. But I was also able to get the length right as my niece is 4'8'' so needs taking up a fair few inches lol But also means I know exactly how long it needs to be when I come to make it from my Cath Kidston Fabric.

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I try to be. If I'm not crashed out that is. Really wanted to finish the dress today but after getting up late to watch the F1 and then crashing again straight after and not waking up until 10. Stupid painkillers. I'm either pain free and wide awake or crashing and not able to do anything. The crafting has given me purpose tho. Knowing that I can be useful in some ways is keeping me up beat at least. Had bad news last week about my Neck and rest of my spine and had been very upset, but I have decided that aslong as I have family and Crafting I'll be able to get by.

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