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I am new to sewing and want to know how to use a paper pattern. I got given one that had three sizes on it (jacket) size 12,14,16. I have 2 girls, one size 12 and one size 14 and it would be nice to use it for both. How do I do this as once its cut out its only reusable for one size?

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Hi Chris. Welcome to Sew.


With Paper patterns, you don't cut up your original pattern. You need to get dress makers tissue paper/Tracing paper etc (I use cheap tracing paper from local Quality Save/Home Bargains and cellotape it together). You can either use a pinwheel or just a pencil/pen and trace the pattern size you want onto the tracing paper.


So you would copy all the bits for your size 12 (remember to trace over not just the size but any tabs, grain lines etc) writing on that it is the size 12 on each piece. Do the same for size 14.



Never cut up your Original Paper Pattern. Good for asking tho as it's one of the biggest beginners mistakes.

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