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Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

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Have to say that I too was disappointed to find that this month's pattern was a download, rather than a 'proper' one. The fact that Sew focused on dressmaking and was modern along with it was the main attraction for me. There are plenty of craft, patchwork, quiliting and home mags out there but not many clothing specific sewing ones. It's fine to have a few projects but most of the last two issues have been 'craft' related. I do do this type of sewing but it's not what I buy Sew for, or subscribe to it for. I am pleased to see that next month is back to normal with a Simplicity pattern. I really hope that the focus swings back to clothing too. Sew was a great magazine and I really enjoyed it but have been a bit disappointed with the last two issues. Hoping for normal service to resume soon! :)

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chicken leader

I am sorry you have problems,I too have very slow broadband,not much faster than dialup really

I am not a computer good -at -anything,but I clicked on the link and chose save target as and it saved to my computer in a couple of minutes

I have yet to print it,but when I print I am not connected to the internet as the pattern is now on my computer

I am used to joining pieces of paper together as I have pattern making softwear

use scotch magic tape that one that is totally clear

if you have to press the pattern do so on the back and it will not wrinkle the paper if you are quick,a hundred times better than any old sticky tape even sellotape

I use a small amount on each page until I am happy then I stick a bit more on

the one good thing about downloading patterns is that if you want you can print it as many times as you wish if youcut the wrong size out

I do hope sew will only deal with garments as many mags have crafts in

hope this helps


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I have to agree with NEILANDANGE in regards to the pattern disaster in the May 2012 issue 35 of SEW MAG. It clearly states in each issue that a tissue paper pattern is included with every issue, which is a big attraction for me as maybe others - so why not with issue 35? What went wrong? Was it to do with the departure of Laura Cruickshank and the appearance of Lorraine Luximon? Is this the new face of SEW MAG with Lorraine at the helm because if it is then come back Laura all is forgiven. And the FOLKSY FABRIC BUNDLE went straight in the bin unopened.


The download pattern is in PDF format and is 44 A4 pages. Do you have any idea how much printer ink that is?


You failed this month SEW MAG. I hope you don't do it again.

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