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Cardmaker of the Year 2012

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Hiya there was wondering what the rules are exactly regarding this, as all the t's and c's say is that you must use the kit provided.


Does this mean that we must use the blanks, embellishments, etc. provided or can we make our own, or use our own stash in addition with the LMC kit?


Just wondering.


And are things such as glitter/embossing powders/acetate allowed?





A very confused beginner :D

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Hi there :)


I'd imagine it means using solely the kit provided & nothing else other than glue & DS tape.


I will go and ask to check for you, I case I am wrong though :)


Yep, this is correct! Only materials from the kit may be used - but when it comes to sticking things down and using tools, feel free to use your own. :)


If you do make anything using things from your own stash too, feel free to post it in the gallery

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