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Back again :-)

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Hi there,


I registered here in 2010, but I totally forgot about it, until I logged in to the crafts beautiful site to sort out my details and to find a phone number to subscribe to the Making Jewellery magazine! *blush*


I'm Carol, I live in Cannock, Staffordshire with my Fiance Simon and my two children, Bronny and Euan, Bronny was born in '99 and Euan was born in '02.


I first registered on this site because I started making cards in August 2010. This year, I decided to have a go at jewellery making too, so I bought myself some kit, and made a few items. The initial feedback on my items was really good and encouraging, so I bought even more kit, and decided that I would make jewellery for friends and family, to save the stress and expense of trying to find something else for them on special occasions! :-) I still make my cards for friends and family special occasions too!


I am severely disabled, which means I live in my bedroom 24/7 and only leave the house for medical appointments, so I needed something to do, to occupy my time, other than card making, my android phone, (which I am still highly addicted to!) and going on my laptop to visit the many forums that I go on, and to play "Words With Friends" on Facebook! Obviously these options are for a good day, on a bad day, I usually just sleep, or lie down and mess with my phone...


We have a heck of a lot of pets too! I won't list them here, as it's not a pet forum, but if you are interested in which pets we have, I will list them all for you! ;-)


I've rejoined to get advice and ideas on jewellery making really, as I need some advice on what on earth I can make for males that aren't necklaces or bracelets, because they can only have so many keyrings! heheh


I look forward to "meeting" you all.


Best wishes


Carol x

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Hello Carol and welcome back again. I good to have an interest especially with your troubles.

at least you can have friends to chat to. , Look forward to chatting. take care xx maggie :)

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