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All my new year's intentions of keeping a project list and not starting new things......


Here are all my WIPs:


A pair of child's mittens for a friend of my sister, who was entranced by the way sis's fingers kept disappearing up inside the mittens I made her for Christmas.


Surprise socks - I don't like the way these are turning out so might rip them back and do something different. Started them for a train journey to London when I needed something small to carry.


Hot water bottle cover - using the yarn I recovered from a child's aran jumper I'd started but got bored with.


Beanie hat - needed something small to take to Spain a couple of weeks ago.


Scrappy blanket - you've seen this before but its now quite a bit bigger - I took it to Spain as well as the beanie hat because I wanted something I could do if my hands were a little less than spotless.


Then there's the cowl, which I was going to take to Spain but it need a bit of tweaking with needle sizes so I've kept it here (haven't actually started it yet) and the cable jumper which is all lined up ready go to as a treat for when my spring cleaning is done :-P


Finally, I have a crochet blanket on the go, nearly finished, there's no pic of it here as it's so beautiful I want it to be a surprise!


Happy knitting everyone


Victoria x

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Hi Victoria


Well you have got a lot on the go...

They look lovely and I'm sure they will be fantastic when completed..


I personally can't concentrate if I have more than 2 WIPs.. I only have 2 if I have a big project on the go and do something quick and simple to break up the big project. I find if I start something else I loose interest in my WIPs and don't want to go back to them and I'm a completer / finisher I hate leaving things unfinished..


I track all my projects on Ravelry.. Once you have done the initial tracking then it is fairly quick to keep updated...


good luck whipping your WIPs into place...








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i am the same as Michelle i cant handle more than two, though before christmas i had 4 on the go and that was stressful enough, i also find keeping track on ravelry makes life easier.


Cant wait to see them finished.

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