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Nicola J

Personal Information *UPDATE*

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I have just replyed to this some where else on here! i agree and i think that some people forget that people out side this forum can also read and watch us, it is a scary thought but a very true one and one that we should be carful off.

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I hadn't realized myself how young some of our members are - and I agree that they in particular need to protect themselves.


Private information is a serious matter, I never put anything out that would lead back to me except for my email. Even my email is one I use separately from my 'personal/business' email - that one goes out only for a select few.


I also have a method for registering 95% of the time, where the info is askew enough to not be fully traceable. For instance, my birthday - never put my real one.


However, you can't protect yourself fully unless you invest in serious protection on your computer - you should stop and read the little tips that sites provide too. That's helpful - I learned about cookies that way, and now I do my best to avoid them. For instance, I never check off "Remember Me" buttons. I prefer to sign in the full way each time.


Good Message Nicole!

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freehartz all the computer protection in the world won't protect you against identity fraud if you place it in full view on a public forum.


I can see what you're saying and I always warn my kids (including my OH) about keeping anti virus and stuff up to date.


Not sure how bad things are in Canada, but here in the UK things are quite bad. People will search garbage bins for utility bills or anything that they can use to set up false identities. Once they have this false ID, they then apply for loans and credit cards and run up huge debts with the ID. There can even be 'insiders' who work for banks and loan companies, who are willing to compromise their jobs to sell this kind of information on.


So you can see, its not just the youngsters on here who need to take care, but us oldies too, to make sure we don't let anything slip about our identities or our addresses.



Sorry folks, you can see this is a pet subject of mine!

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