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Nicola J

Personal Information *UPDATE*

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Please,Please be careful when posting on the forum,as there are young ones & others on here that have been posting their contact infomation on the thread, it is lovely that this is sucha a wonderful friendly site, but the posts can be read by anyone, whether they are registered or not, if they do a search this site can be quite easily found on the web!!


If you accept pm's then people who are registered on this can send you messages and then you can send personal email addresses etc.



We dont want to put all the new young ones off or anyone else,you are more than welcome, but unfortunately there are people in webland who are waiting for someone to innocently post contact information.



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Thank you for putting this here Nicola. I was actually going to put a similar post up myself, everyone needs to be careful, not just young ones either.


It is very easy to forget about, because this is such a friendly forum. Thanks for the reminder! :)

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Good post Nicola, I was only saying yesterday about the fact that in my business Data protection is paramount.


I see so many people posting things on here that make my toes curl :bug: its something I've wanted to comment about for a while, but didn' know the right way to go about it.


I think we have all become too trusting because we imagine that we are chatting amongst friends, but as you say, anyone can view the sight, you only need to register to be able to post.


Identity fraud is a hot topic these days, you only need to let a few personal details slip and it becomes quite easy to build up a profile of you!


I also wonder about some of the pics that have been posted, either in threads or avatars - I personally wouldn't post anything about my family, or their photographs, specially babies - sorry folks, but there are some saddos out their that would not hesitate to put them on their own systems and 'enhance' them :long:


It would be much safer it you want to share anything of a personal nature with your buddies to either PM or email them direct, rather than publish them for the whole world to see!

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