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The Dreaded Galaxy Mittens

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I am so stupid, I forgot to take a photo of the lovely pale pink mittens I made for my work Secret Santa. Doh >:( They turned out so pretty. Never mind.


Here in its unfinished state is one of the mittens in the Galaxy/Mirage combination. The colours go better in real life than they look here. As usual in a photo, it's tricky to see the pattern/sequins etc but I'm sure you'll get the idea. I just need to sew up the thumb and darn in the ends. Both mittens are now done, it's just that being right-handed I took a photo of the left one! :lol:


You'll be pleased to hear that the second mitten wasn't so stressful because I was ready for it, came out fighting to meet the thing - rarrrr! :ahhh: :ohh: :wow:


The yarn is soooooo warm and the sequins are so soft you can't feel them at all. I am now part-way through a matching beret and there will be a scarf too.


Victoria x

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