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Project list - a pledge to get more organised

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Being stuck at home with only Let's Knit and Fleabay for company...... I have bought yet more yarn. I then realised that have so much lovely yarn that I really want to use some of it and I decided that a way to start might be to do what a lot of you already do and have an organised list of what I want to do and with which yarn and when. I might even join Ravelry and do it properly!


Starting with......


Su2ie's fab idea of a neck cozy project to take to Spain on my motorbiking holiday in February. I am going to use the wool that I bought in Florida earlier this year, at a county fair, so it really will be a proper holiday knit. Thanks Su2ie for the tip; in a quirk of fate the very next magazine I bought had a lovely pattern, so it was meant to be!


Wat I mustn't do is get all excited and start and finish this project before the holiday, I must be disciplined and get on with some of the other WIPs :lol:


Victoria x

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