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A few FO's

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these are what i have been working on this month.


There is a hat for mil2b to match the scarf i made her for her birthday, also in the middle of making fingerless gloves to match. It is model by Abi so is a bit on the big side for her


Then there is the kindle 'Kat' as h2b now calls it. it didn't have the ears or the red thread when i finished it but because the black buttons look like eyes he insisted i add the other bits. He has just asked me to make a phone sock for his new phone so the touch screen doesn't get scratched in his pocket. He wants me to make it a mouse so he will have mobile mouse and kindle kat. You would think he was 5 not nearly 32.


And finally we have Abi's red dress, i managed to get her to model it but the yarn turned out a little rough after being handled so much but a good wash and it has come out softer than ever. It is the first piece of clothing i have ever knitted so i am relieved it turn out normal looking and the sleeves fitted in the arm holes lol.

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