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Cot cover and sock

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Just to prove that I am actually doing some knitting these days (but I'm going to miss, or have already missed, the knitted animal challenge :long: ), here's a couple of bits I have on the go.


The sock is for me, I've just started the second but luckily I don't suffer from the dreaded second-sock-syndrome, so I'm really looking forward to doing some more on it. I started these on holiday in the Isle of Man in September, for one thing the yarn doesn't show if my hand were a bit grubby (what an oik I can be sometimes!) so I'll always be reminded of that holiday when I wear them. I'm not ever so happy with them, the lace pattern isn't quite as pretty as I'd have hoped. I'd never done slip-stitch heel flaps before but it was easy enough and I think it will fit a bit better.


The cot cover is a commission for my mum, to give to her nephew and his new wife who are expecting a baby on or around Christmas! They know it's a baby girl and mum is very traditional, hence the pink and white, but I think it looks OK, really quite pretty. I agonised over whether to do the leaf border in pink or white. I did one before in two colours but hated sewing in all the ends. I've gone for white but arggghhh :ohh: I wish I'd gone for pink now!


All the best


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