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Tired Tuesday

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Afternoon ladie's, Hope your all having a lovely afternoon, its in its 20's here but its lovely and sunny with nice blue skies for a change. Ive been so poorly the last few days and not getting better so away with the faries today on my diasipam, im giving it 2 more days and then ill be calling out the doctor as i cant cope with it anymore, ive got physio coming next week so hopefully things will start to turn around, He's going to be assesing the best way for me to get up and down stairs wether i need a lift in or just a better stair lift, im on the waiting list for a new wheelchair so hopefully ill be getting one before the snow comes.


Ive finsihed a few more xmas pressie's and also having to redo me mams hottie cover for her bday on thursday as id cut the yarn in the wrong place, (knitting doped up doesnt go well)


Busy i hope you start to sleep better hunni, i know how it feels you end up over tired and my face starts to burn up when ive not slept properly but im starting to get a few more hours through the night now due to my new tablets.


Denise i hope your scones have gone well, they sound lovely apart from the cinnamon i dont like it but they still sound yummy.


susie sorry you had a bad night hun. hope your scarf is ok your having a lovely afternoon.


Dee i hope the kids ave everything done ready for when you get home so you can put your feet up and enjoy your evening.


Michelle Hope your enjoying your knitting afternoon with 101 dalmations what a great film to watch, Its great that your mam is coming to visit you soon not long to wait now hun, hope you manage to get your knits finished


Well id better get back to my knitting enjoy the lovely day ladies

marie xxx

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Well, another day of me looking like a loony on the tube. Really quite chilly on the way to work at 3.30am so I had a fleece on...finished work, then had a haircut and on the way home I'm sat on the tube buried under my fleece in 24degrees heat(outside...miles warmer on the tube) whilst everyone else has flip flops on. I must have looked like the world's biggest pessimist!! :-)


Hope everyone who isn't feeling great is a bit better this eve.

I'm sleepy with a capital zzzzzz.

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Have not been on much as have been trying to keep myself busy the past couple of days so that I was not tempted to have a smoke. So far have gone 30 hours without a cigarette. I am not even bothered about having one either such a change to when I have tried to quit before.


Has been beautiful sunshine on the east coast and have managed to get all my front and back gardens done today.

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Evening girls ....


I managed to pop out later but I've no oomph since ..... The parcel of replacement mitts is on it's way so I'm praying it gets there intact .....


Still can't decide what to take knitty wise at the weekend .... I'll make a teapot jumper & leave it as a gift but I'll need more than that .... Just too tired to think really ....


Adam's been working from home today as Freya's not well ..... She's ok in herself really but got an awful cough that sounds like a sea lion that hurts her throat .... I haven't heard what the dr said yet but she sounded so funny earlier .... Hope it's not contagious as we're seeing them Sunday .....


Andi -Chris couldn't believe how hot it wa on the tube yesterday ..... He didn't use to be travel sick on trains but he found out yesterday he now is ..... Had to get off the train twice to be ill so his journey home took ages & he was sick in the car too ...... He's getting worse as he gets older I'm sure ....


Marie - hope things get sorted so you can be more mobile very soon ....


Goose - I'm taking sun cream at the weekend just in case .... Was going to pack autumn stuff to wear but might need to take my summer stuff now ....


Michelle - I'd put my flip flops away but I'll have to get them out again ....


Susie - hope you get the trip to the beach in the warm ......


Dee - I'm not surprised you're busy at work as people's pennies don't go so far & they need to get the best value they can ..... I can see why you're tired ....


Right I'm off now to sort supper & then a lie down ...... See you in the morning ...... Nighty night xxx

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