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Sunny Sunday ..... So Far

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Sunny here today although a bit chilly.


Having a chill out day today with some knitting going on


Buzy hope your head feels better soon

Fiona ouch 6 days of migraine hope you get rid of it soon

Dreamy I was like that at first with XF but once I realised that Gary Barlow tells them straight but in a nicer way seemed to be able to get into it more

Suzy bet you feel like throttling your DF for getting the same bookcase as what he emptied


Hope you all have a nice day whatever you decide to do

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Wow, busy day for me today, lots of baking, a kid's party at the library, shopping, laundry and about a million other things.


Buzy, hope you feel better,

Fiona, migrane isn't nice....6 days is horrid!!

Michelle, who are you voting for in Strictly?

Su2ie..aren't men great?!!

Ellen..happy knitting.

Goose..happy knitting too.

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My hubby needs 50 shirts because he never irons!!! I know how many there are because I did once iron them all and count them.. But he asked me not to iron them because my ironing standard is not as good as his.... No of course l don't..


Not sure about SCD yet..looks like a good line up for fun not sure about ability...

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