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Sunshiney Wednesday

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Ah tell me about it Jennie - I hate being ill and NOT being able to get on with stuff. Hope you can get to go driving very soon :)


Right that HW isn't going to do itself lol, and once its done maybe I will get a bit of crochet in!

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Well a bit overcast here, have got a busy day as my mum has decided that we are going out for the day so won't get much knitting done there.


I am just hoping that I don't come down with a bad cold or chest infection (which lays me up completely in bed) as that means I have to be totally clear before I am able to have my flu jab for this year.


Well better get on and see to the animals needs and HW before my mum arrives to take me out for the rest of the day.

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Haf been to the dentift thif morning for some root canal fo haf got a funny mouf at the mo and can't speak froferly.


Haf a good day eferyone, I'm sure I'll fe fack to normal foon.



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Afternoon Ladies.... Well I had my god children last night... Today I took the boys t the park this morning and Aaron (16mth old) had a tantrum when i took him out the swing!!!! Done abit of shopping then home for some homemade sweet potato and chilli soup!!! Its AMMMAAZZIINNNNGGGG..... My mum loved her hat!! I will post piccies soon... I musy=t say i'm doing a lot of hats recently!! Doing a blue cupcake hat for a friend then one each for my boys to match thier winter coats then a coupke for a friends boy!!! Then I will finally start my xmas list.... xxxx

Buzy I'm with you AUTUMN is my fave!!! soups, slow cooker, warm cosy jumpers love it just wish I had a fireplace!! ;-(


Buzy- Hope he comes


Victoria - books sound good


Jennie- Hope you feel better soon...


Suz- Aaaww hope you get the car sorted so you can go your knitting class


Ellen- Hope you have a lovely day out


Goose- Hope you sort it...


Andi - oouuchhh

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Afternoon everyone..


No school for Mia today but Mathieu was at Garderie so Mia and I went off for a while...


Tried to registry for a French course.. All very stressful trying to explain yourself when you speak very little French...

They don't have a teacher at the moment but someone else is going to give me one to one lessons. You join the " centre de social " which costs €10 per year and the lessons are free..


I've been trying to convert a hat pattern knitted flat to knitted in the round..

It's 1x1 rib then moss stitch.. Sorted the rib then went wrong on the moss stitch...

Frogged it for now.. Need to be in a clearer frame of mind..


Mathieu is giving me more grey hairs.. He is trying to walk!!! OMG... Usually around the table.. He is black and blue from bruises!!!!


Just going to be chilling tonight knitting...

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Evening girls ....


Well the sunshine stayed until a little while ago & has been quite warm ....


My parcel was collected this morning .... They hadn't put on their web site that you now have to book by 7pm & not 9pm for next day collection!!!! Anyway it's gone now .... The smaller one that went in the post yesterday morning has already arrived .... The last one took 5 days!!!!!


I got the food shop done & it's put away .... Now I'm pooped ....


I need to wrap the mitts I've done for my Thurs friend's b'day tomorrow & then I'll be chilling out before bed ...


Michelle - my 2 walked at 9 & 11 months ..... Neither of them learnt to crawl .....


Fi - you're always sooooo busy ..... Hope you get some time for you too ....


Andi - hope your mouth i9s back to normal now ....


Goose - not long till your bathroom's done & you can luxuriate ......


Ellen - hope you enjoyed your day out .....


Susie - hopefully you'll get the car soon :-)


Jennie - hope you get over your lurgy quickly ...


Right I'm off to do my chicken stir fry .... Have a good evening & I'll see you tomorrow xxx

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