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Day Off Monday

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Afternoon everyone ...


We've not done much today apart from watch the World Championship athletics on tv & chill out ..... I've finally taken the pics of the men's gloves & baby hats for the galleries & made a knitted needle case this afternoon .... I'll take a pic tomorrow .....


Easy dinner tonight - cold roast lamb & bubble & squeak ..... All made by Mr B :-)


Andi - you must be soooo proud of your DD .... She has done so very well :-)


Susie - glad you've got your name tags .... Happy sewing!


Dreamy - sorry you didn't enjoy yesterday .....Hopefully it won't be too long before you get the pleasure from the show again ...


Michelle - I know how grumpy sleeplessness does to me & I haven't got 2 littlies to look after ... Poor you ....


Right I'm off to bring the washing in .... It's dry but we've not had much sun today .... It will need dec but that can wait till another time ....


Have a good evening & I'll see you tomorrow xxx

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Just a quick hello to everyone.


Hope you're all having a great Bank Holiday Weekend.


It's just flown by.


I'm looking after my darling grandaughter Chloe, while her mummy and daddy have some together time. :)


Have a lovely evening all.


Take Care. XX

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Hi Everyone


Well over the weekend have managed to get some serious knitting done, and have just completed one item for the one ball competition and have a few more in the pipeline so will enter them all in one go. Will be taking photos later as have some more knitting to do and still have my Charlie to finish, it is sort of will do it next then see a pattern I like so start that as there is not much left to do now on that. Come to think of it that has been made with one ball well should say bought the wool on a cone and been using that for it so that could even count as part of the entry lol.


So happy your daughter came second in the dressage competition she was in and you must still be in the clouds with pride.


Well off to do some more knitting as it is shopping day tomorrow so will be out most of the day and have to go wool shopping and button shopping on Wednesday, so will say bye for now :red:

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