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Bonus competition! Win knitty goodies!

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Ok am wondering if you used 6.5mm needles to do something for the one ball competition whether it can be entered into this also?


Any feedback would be appreciated :-)


That would be fine :-)

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Here's my entry to the bonus competition - its a bonus in many ways as its doubling as a christmas present for my mum!


I've knitted this in James C Brett chunky, and it was a ball left over from a wrap I did for myself. I was just going to do normal rib but decided to do it in what I think is probably classed a broken rib (sounds painful)


Hope you like!



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Ooooooooo what fab entries...after being serverly ill the last 5 days and having a broken finger its taking me ages i mean ages to knit up anything but ive done my entry for this challenge.


I wanted a project bag that would be strong enough to hold the yarn while im making my extreme knitting projects and as i use a ball winder to re wind all my balls of yarn aswell as the skeins it needed to fit them all in so they dont all get tangled up...so i saw this pattern and it was perfect. its from the art of knitting and its done in chunky yarn and on the 6.5mm needles from the mag. which i must say were fantastic to knit with not what id expected, even with my broken finger the needles wernt causing me more pain and didnt put pressure on my finger like metal or bamboo ones do.


This pattern is lovely and makes for a good size bag which is perfect for the cushion im making atm, Im using 4 balls of cookie yarn from lk 2 of which id won from winning try something new challenge and im using 3 strands of aran yarn and 200 mm needles and it looks fab im loving it. And the yarn fits into the bag lovely and i can knit the cusion without worrying about my yarn tangling up and whhen i need to put it down i can also fit the cushion into the bag although the needles are hanging out but theyre huge needles.


I love my new project bag and im now working the rows out to be able to make a bigger size.

Hope you like it as much as i do and good luck everyone.

God only knows i need some good luck atm. But i just love taking part thats the main thing but it would be fab to win after the worst few months of my life.



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Well I have two Items that I have done in the 6.5mm knitting needles that came with issue 46.


Here are my two things.


The first being a bag and the paper is placed inside so that the lace pattern shows.


The second is the Jolie cardigan but the pattern does not seem to be showing well



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