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Another bag and more .....

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Hi sue and Goose, thankyou very much for your advice, i got my needles sorted and even had a pair of 12mm in my bag,


I am going to use mainly dk and one ball of chunky boucle,, how many strands of dk would i have to use on 12mm needles to get the chunky effect and will it work just on 12mm as i dont want to buy 10mm in case it doesnt!!


I,ts really great having so much help at the press of a button, many thanks

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I've made a bag using 6.5mm needles and just 3 yarns for the cast on & cast off areas, then introduced more yarns (bouclé, eyelash, etc) when I changed to the larger needles.

You need it smaller/narrower at the beginning and end so it doesn't cover too much of the handles.

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