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Hi from me to you

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My name is John and I knit and also taught myself to crochet as well, which being left handed wasn't easy but I got there in

the end.


I live in the uk with my wife and daughter, a yorkie and 3 guinea pigs.

I am unable to work at the moment due having degenarative disc disease in my lumbar spine, so I have plenty of free time on my

hands. to releive the boredom of being at home i have 3 jumpers on the go, 2 for me and 1 for the wife, i just have finished

knitting my daughte a little jacket which she loves, i think she would sleep in it if we let her. When i figure out how to get my camera

and pc talking to each other i will post a piccy.


I would love to hear from anybody but would particularly like to make contact with other men that knit or crochet.

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Hello John and welcome to the forum, if you scroll down you will find a knitty section you will find lots of topics including an sos if you have any problems. I wish my hubby would learn to knit, I keep trying to involve him to no avail.

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