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Adrienne Chandler

Have you ever read knitting fiction?

Have you ever read any knitting fiction?  

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  1. 1. Have you ever read any knitting fiction?

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    • No

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Hi knitters,

I've been perusing Amazon to hunt for some great knitting books and keep coming across knitting fiction, particularly knitting murder mysteries. I've read a couple of these myself and find that the knitting element always seems a bit shoe-horned in. I was wondering, has anyone else ever read any?


Can anyone come up with a good plot for a knitting fiction story?

If I were to write one it would probably either be about some sort of rampage caused by frustration from dropping too many stitches, or an adventure with something to do with dowsing for water using knitting needles....


Adrienne :)

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I've seen them on Amazon too Adrienne but mystery isn't really my thing.


I've not read any yet altough I do intend to when i've worked through my pile but Debbie Macomber has a series of books called Blossom Street. I've read other books by her and enjoyed them so i'm hoping these are good too.


This is from her website

"I joke that with my yarn stash, I could knit garments to clothe a third world country. So it was inevitable that eventually I’d write books that center around a yarn store.


Welcome to A Good Yarn,that fictional little shop on Blossom Street in Seattle, where knitters go for yarn, supplies and patterns, and where they form lasting friendships in Lydia Hoffman's knitting classes. Other businesses have sprung up there, including the French Café, Susannah’s Garden and Blossom Street Books"


I believe there's also a knitting pattern in each book :lol:


I read somewhere that her and her husband go on road trips, he drives and she knits. I like her already :lol:

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I certainly have and I still do! i read about Debbie Macomber in a knitty mag, and I couldn't resist a fiction book about a knitting shop which came with a pattern for knitting socks! I really enjoyed 'A Good Yarn' and have read 5 or 6 of her other books. I hunt around the charity shops and car boots and then save them for when I'm on holiday...perfect reading for sitting in the sun with a chilled glass of something beside you!

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I love knitting fiction.


It all started with Kate Jacobs' Friday Night Knitting Club, followed by Knit Two.

That set me off searching for others and I found Gil McNeil's Divas don't knit, Needles and Pearls, then The only boy for me.


I've read a few Debbie Macomber and thoroughly enjoy her Blossom Street series.


Knit one, Kill two by Maggie Sefton was also a really good read, and I've just seen, on Amazon, that she's written quite a few more.

Will have to check out my local library this week :)

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I voted yes although the book my sister bought was more of a comedy with knitting anecdotes so not sure if it counts.


If I wrote one myself I think it would have to be a Tongue in cheek murder mystery on a stormy night stuck in a yarn shop during knitting club with plenty of knitters with motives and of course a twist! Death by needles... :vampire: Oooh and the clues to solve the mystery could be coded in the knitting patterns!


Ok I'm going to stop now before I start to write a novel in my head :lol:

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