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Sunny Sunday Morning

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Morning girlies ....


It's sunny here at the moment but we've had rain overnight ..... Don't know if we're due more today though as I haven't looked at the forecast yet .....


Had a grotty night but that's par for the course but do feel better after needles yesterday .....


Will be cracking on with bits for Gallery 2 & trying to avoid the emulsion when Mr Buzy's painting later .....


Have a good day everyone & I'll see you later xxx

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Got up and finished school reports, then headed out to car boot sale...only to find it had moved a looooooooooooooong way away! Oh well, at least it's saved me some money. made some little cheescake/cupcake things, which look lovely, and just had lunch. Going to get in some knitting in a bit, I think.

Buzy: the rain woke me up in the night, but I was just so glad it came!

Goose: hope you manage to get some knitting in

Right, off to pick up the needles x

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Afternoon girls ....


Well we've had sunshine for the last few hours although it's clouding over a bit now ....


I've just had an order for a baby cardi so need to do that & then get back to the gallery bits .....


Had a lovely roast chook for lunch with all the trimmings cooked by Mr Buzy & he's spent most of the afternoon reading the papers ......


hatful - happy knitting


Goose - poor DS getting so wet .... Kind of him to go & get the car though ....


Have a lovely evening everybody & I'll see you in the morning xx

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Hello all, sounds like everyone has had a good day despite the unpredictable rain.


OH and did a sprint triathlon today, my first triathlon since 2006 so it was a bit of tester, especially since I've not been able to train much for one reason or another (mostly poor health). Still, I achieved - nay exceeded - my personal goals of:


1. Not walking at all on the 5k run

2. Target time of 2.15 hours

3. Stretch target time of 2 hours


I am delighted that I didn't walk at all and finished in 1 hour 59 minutes 22 seconds! I finished 254 of 266 starters so not a good placing but I now feel that I'm well on the road to recovery.


I even found time tonight to sit down and do some knitting - a bamboo/cotton T-shirt style top with a bit of a lace pattern. I'm determined to finish it in time to wear in the next batch of warm weather.


All the best everyone


Victoria x

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Well done! How far are the cycling and swimming sections? If I survive the half marathon at the end of the year, I might be tempted to do a triathalon.

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