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Fun day Friday

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Afternoon all


Welcome to the forum silly knitty mummy. Definately sounds like needles time :lol:


Michelle - so exciting for you, hope you have a lovely time (i'm sure you will). Whereabouts in the UK do your family live? What a shame about the baggage allowance. I've felted a couple of bags before and I think Suzie has done a bit of felting too, not sure who else has. The biggest worry I have is will it be the right size when I take it out of the washer!!


Suzie - hope Alex's check up has gone well. What a pity about the eczema, hope it starts clearing soon.


Buzy - hope you're feeling better. It's lovely when you see something you've made being put to good use isn't it, when my friend sent me a piccie of her daughter in the bootees i'd made her I was smiling for the rest of the day. :)


Goose - the yarn sounds fab, i'd just have to keep looking at it :lol: How's the new car and how's your son now?


K&F - Hope you didn't get caught. My car normally only gets a wash when it rains too :lol:


Sorted my Avon and just had some chips (yummy). Now going to raid my mum's sewing box for some dark red cotton, I stitched a chalice on to card last night and need to add the 'wine' but I don't have the right colour, seeing if mum does before I go out and buy some.


Take care all

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Evening girls ....


I think I've overdone it today :-S I decided to do the bedding as the weather improved & now having remade the bed I'm utterly exhausted .... I usually get Mr Buzy to do it but he's not in till late & I fancied clean bedding ..... Love the look of my new white bedding with my crocheted cushion cover on it ....


Teddy's now finished for the gallery & I just need to stuff a puppy so that will be 2 done as well as a teapot jumper that just needs it's spots .... I've also got a commission for a grey baby cardi today as well ..... Could really do with Mrs Weasley's needles at the moment :lol:


Goose - look at all that free yarn ..... I'm soooooooo jealous ....


Buffy - hope you found the thread you need ....


Susie - hope Alex's excema clears up soon ...


k&f - i'm waiting for rain to wash my car too .... We've also had major roadworks outside our house since Feb so everything gets filthy so quickly ....


Right I'm off to sort some supper ..... Then I'm climbing into my lovely fresh bed :-)


See you tomorrow xxx

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Hello ladies!

I've had no internet and a poorly computer for the last few days...it seems to be running a bit more quicly now and one of the broken keys is fixed, but really I'm going to be needing a new one fairly soon, I think :(

Good news...I am now under eleven stone! Woohoo! AND...I tried on a size 12 and IT FITTED ME! And I wasn't even breathing in! :cheese:

Buzy: hope sleep comes tonight

Michelle: I definatly think an extra case is needed. And find out if they deliver!

Goose: lovely wool

Su2ie: I can't believe A is 4 months old! Poor little mite with her eczema...I feel her pain

Buffy: I hope that you found the cotton

Right, time for tea :)

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Evening all,


All went well with the health visitor, Alex now weighs 15lb 9oz! Talked to her about the eczema and she agrees with me that its aggravated by her sucking her fingers. Must admit I had a cry this morning for Alex, it's upsetting to see her looking so sore.


Michelle I've felted bags before. You have to make sure your yarn is about 80% or more wool content and not superwash for it to felt. For slippers just keep putting them on a short cycle until they've reached the required size.


Hi Silly, hope you managed to get those needles out!

Buffy hmmmm chips!

goose lovely yarn, especially the light green.

Buzy you need a wand too for the HW!

Hatfull well done on weight loss!!!


Right gonna try and get some crochet done xx

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