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We have over 200 Let's Knit Local Groups across the UK. These are knitting groups affiliated with Let's Knit magazine that welcome new members. You can now see all our Let's Knit Local Groups on a map, making it easier to find your nearest one. Simply click here or here to view it. :-)


For more information, visit www.letsknit.co.uk/local

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Before we moved to our present address 8 months ago I had started a craft group.  Since I left it they have changed into a knitting group and I have heard from some of the ladies who tell me they love it and wish I was still there....have tried to drum up interest where we are, but must perhaps become a little fitter than now before I become serious about heading a group, although it sort of runs itself once started, but having to rest a lot at the moment....been in hospital several times since last November, but am so bored....trying to get to know people but not going out I find extremely difficult, so do try and get to the local coffee morning occasionally,....but no one seems to be interested in knitting...mind you...I am crotcheting these days, but shall perservere....so important to keep interests going when you becom eolder if you can.....Can't grumble though. had pretty good health for most of my life and now I have to slow down...don't like that....but you know when someone was complaining at the coffee morning I did say to her that even if we suffer as we get older we are priveleged because so many people are not given the opportunity to reach old age...therefore give thanks for whatever we have experienced in Life.....My fingers must be won out with all the crafts I have worked on over the past decades......they have served me well....

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