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Wacky Wednesday

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Good morning everyone.


We had a lovely lie in until 7!!! Altho my husband was up at 4 as he is away tonight, so I heard him getting ready and packing his overnight bag!!! Never understands why he doesn't do it the night before.


Nearly finished my second hat for my sister.. I'm really pleased with it. maybe my finished it tonight..


Looks like it might be a nice day, so will trynanf get to the park.. Mia loves the slides..


I hope you all enjoy your days...

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Morning Michelle! morning all!

Lovely evening last night and another friend visiting today, then a playdate later.

I actually got some knitting done too! :wow:

Weather is pants here, quite a storm and very wet :long: no swings for us today.

hi ho off I go..... chat later peeps xxxxxxxxxx :-)


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Morning girls ......


Grey & cloudy here so looks like rain is on it's way ...... I'll probably get wet doing the food shop again ....


The lounge & dining room are covered in dust sheets & decorating bits from Chris last night ......... Looks a right mess :-( Hopefully Chris will sort it after his race tonight as he's away on business from Friday & I don't want to spend the weekend looking at it ..... He won't have time to get any more done as he'll be up to his eyes in sorting stuff for the Trade Fair now ......


Michelle - another lie in :wow:


Dreamy - great you've got some knitting done ......


I'm off to get sorted so have a lovely day girls xxx

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Morning :)


Still full of flu here, just how long does it take to get over it? Scary temp for yesterday was 105F!!! Home alone again today with the girls and so hard when you can barely make it out of bed! Anyway managed to eat some fruit and fibre this morning as my appetite ran away.


Michelle my fella does that too with the packing although he had to go and buy some casual clothes to wear when he was stranded in the UK on Monday as he had nothing with him :lol:


Dreamy well done on getting some knitting done, go you!


Buzy I think you will have to change your shopping day or the locals will start blaming you for the weather!


Bye folks xx

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Evening girls .....


Well I didn't get wet doing the shopping but is was absolutely chaotic with loads of mum with their children in tow & not liking shopping ..... It's still grey & chilly here but no rain so far .....


I've done a bit of knitty stuff this afternoon & made a rhubarb crumble for Chris ..... I'll just have the rhubarb with some custard as I've run out of wheat free flour to make a crumble topping for me ......


Susie - hope you feel a bit better now ..... Not easy with littlies to look after when you're so poorly .....


Goose - I have rice with my meatballs & tomato sauce too ....


Dreamy - hope you've enjoyed seeing your friends today ....


Need to get my dinner so I'll say night night ...... xxx

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Hi all,


Not been around for a few days for a variety of reasons - mad busy, unexpected guests, pc problems and spending as much time outdoors in the fantastic weather as possible. So, I'm just catchin gup on everyone now.


Hazel's been in super hungry mode today, so I'll probably not get on for long, but thought I'd grab the chance to say hi while I can as she's currently in smiley babbly mode :cheese:


Will try to get back on tomorrow for a proper catch-up. Hope everyone's well meantime and that those who aren't get better very soon



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