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Wondeful Wednseday :-)

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Well it's wonderful weather wise but I'm full of cold :-S Started yesterday & I feel absolutely dreadful despite taking my echinaeca ...


I'll try & do the food shop later if my nose will stop running ..... If not I'm sure I can find some dinner in the freezer ....


I managed to do egg cosies for Adam, Mel & Freya for Easter & a new pair of tiny baby boots yesterday so will take pics some time today ......


Chris now has to wait & see about his interview yesterday for the Olympics ..... watch this space! I'm going to enjoy from the comfort of my own home .......


Have a good day everyone & I'll see you later ..... xxx

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Morning :)


My littlest monkey woke up 3 times in the night so I'm a bit bleary eyed this morning... Finally got the buttons on the cardi and took pics but need to use Ellie's pc to download and not sure if it has the right card reader slot. The little pc has run out of virus protection and is very slow too so I hate using it 8-/ I so wish my own pc never broke down!


Yesterday was very busy too and I got some header tape to make Ellie some curtains as I've had the material for ages. Also bought a new pattern to make both my girls waistcoats and toy stuffing :)


Buzy good luck to Chris and hope your cold eases too. Put your feet up xx


Bye folks xxx

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Morning all (well afternoon here now)


we've been to the park this morning and maybe play out in the garden this afternoon, nothing too exciting.. But the weather is looking lovely.


Aren't kids finkle... At the park my daughter was playing nicely on the slide with another girl, then along cae two boys with a football who looked much more exciting and off see went without so much as a ciou to this little girl....


Enjoy your days...

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Afternoon all


Sorry not been around for a bit, had some work issues but all sorted now so should (fingerscrossed) now be ok.


Still crocheting my shrug and really enjoying it, managed to get both my washcloths finished for Mothers Day, i'll try and download my pics off my phone later to show you.


Got my SEB to finish sorting out this week and send off then I have some cards I need to make for my Aunty but hopefully i'll manage to get more of my shrug done in between.


Take care all, catch you later x

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Hello, lovely day out there. :)

Buzy, I'm with you on the olympics - arm chair viewing for me too! Hope your cold gets better quickly. :)

Su2ie, good luck making curtains! :)

Goose, hope you've got your sunshine. :-)

Michelle, have a lovely sunny afternoon. :)

Hi Helen, glad work is sorted and that you're enjoying making a crocheted shrug - sounds lovely! :)


I'm just beginning to flag a bit today. I was in early for a meeting with a colleague in Singapore, so by my usual standards it's about time for my 3:30pm slump! :lol: Will have a mince round the block to get some air then get another coffee. It looks glorious out, so going to go and enjoy a slice of it while I'm still awake. Have a jolly afternoon all. :)

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Afternoon Ladies, it has been glorious here all day.

Pat Fingers crossed for Chris with the olympics.

Good luck with the curtains Suzie, nothing looks nicer than hand made ones.

Goose did you get your washing dry- but ugh to the ironing (I hate ironing)

I visited a friend who teaches crochet this morning, she puts me to shame, her work is fantastic. This afternoon we visited my daughter who has just bought a kitten. I thought Tony would want another cat after seeing her but no he has decided he doesn't want anymore animals (thank goodness) Our cat's were 18 and 19 when they died and I can't replace them.

I'm now on round 140 of my shawl and have 704 stitches on the needle, I won't manage many rounds a day from now till it is finished. (70 rounds to go)

Have a good evening,

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