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First ever 'blog'!

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Hello Ive started taking pics of the food I make, well if I get around to it! I have lots of ideas of wat to make and really it's getting the motivation to cook! It doesn't take much time, and costs less. I'm going to try and keep accurate recipes as I tend to bung anything in that matches.

I look around markets for interesting fruit anfd veg, and also like the idea of using seasonal veg. Enjoying looking at foody blogs at the moment, some of the creativity is really nice (chinese food art!) I dont use adverts so sharing a blog purely out of love for food!

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Thankyou so much! nice support

Im not very good at measuring and writing down recipes so really throwing a few ideas around!

looking at new cookery ideas... and I hope to be less of a fussy fru when it comes to spices or creamy food. I dont like avocados plain but I use them a lot in cooking/preparing, always learning

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