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Adrienne Chandler


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Hi everyone,


Just wanted to post a reminder to about the issue of copyright with knitting patterns. Although we all like to be as helpful as possible, photocopying patterns to send to other members, whether they're from our magazines, other titles, books or pattern leaflets, is an infringement of copyright.

If you are searching for a pattern, the best thing to do is contact the original pattern provider or publisher and see if they'll be able to help.


We don't want to upset anyone or get anyone into trouble so please don't send photocopied patterns to each other.


Many thanks





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Very timely reminder as I was just going to ask if anyone could let me have a copy of the little girls cardi that was in this months free booklet (the one with the lacy cable up the front) as Ive been asked to do it for a friend, but cant find my copy.

I have a horrible feeling it got scooped up in a tidy-up and been put into the recycling bin which was emptied on Monday - Grr!

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Hey mates


I wanna know where you are with the copyright issues on youtube. Im one of those who still want to upload videos on your channel but I prefer put copyrighted song on my videos...

I heard it takes 3 months for a warning to leave.

So do you plane to review this rule?

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