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Eggless Cakes

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I used vegan ingredients but creamcheese for the icing as I didnt have any vegan creamcheese.


I use 1 heaped tablespoon of whey protein from a healthfoodshop and a touch of soymilk to replace one egg. soy milk instead of cow milk, and sunflower margerine, also can get ricemilk or almondmilk but soy is the cheapest from 60p/litre


The lotuspaste filled cakes are chinese and served hot


Dr Pepper cake, i used a can of soda to make the cake rise instead of eggs, chocolate cake as i didnt have any lighter sodapop!


Finally some cinnamon buns! the only danish i like!


Im really enjoying cooking to the point it might be annoying, but i no longer have to go shopping as much and like the idea of living greener, also can bring something nice to my friends houses

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wow, all looks very yummy renata hun, well done. there is a feature on a lady who makes cupcakes all from vegetarian ingrediants and was really interesting,will have to send onto you once i find it as is really interesting x

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