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Candy Chain

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Another huge thank you for the very high compliments on here. ! I appreciate them alot.


Chainmaille is pretty frustrating at times. I have thrown my pieces across the room to. :) I have only been doing chainmaille

for about two years or so. Beading for about four years. The dragonscale chainmaille in my profile pic was the hardest piece

I've ever made. It took about 8 hours to make a 7 1/2 inch bracelet with Niobium jump rings .



I enjoy all aspects of jewellery making. There are tons of awesome creations in these forums.


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Thanks both of you for your kind comments. :)


RosieStar, thx for your question. I am presently not on Facebook. I don't have my own website as yet, but that is something

I am looking into for the near future. :) I appreciate your kind words. I looked on your Facebook page and your work is gorgeous!


There are some beautiful creations on these forums.


Thx again all.



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